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店 Stadium Arcadium W 安値 Dvd Dig

Stadium Arcadium (W/Dvd) (Dig)


Stadium Arcadium (W/Dvd) (Dig)



Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers calls the band’s first new album in four years, Stadium Arcadium, the most-anticipated album of the spring, "the best thing that we’ve ever done…. There’s this weird kind of sublime, subliminal undercurrent that is suggestive, in a spirited way, of our earliest records." Exuding all the passion, energy and funked-up rock that have made the Red Hot Chili Peppers one of the most popular bands in history, the 2-CD Stadium Arcadium, simply put, will knock your socks off. The Limited Edition is a 3D-image shadow box containing a 28-page book, velvet bag with marbles, a wooden top, a matchbook notepad and four art notes, one by each band member. DVD (LIMITED EDITION) Dani California (video), Track by track interviews with the band, Making of Dani California


Four-year career hiatuses followed by sprawling double-albums could spell trouble for a band of the Chili Peppers' stature: consider they'd originally recorded enough for three discs. The restless, trouble-plagued outfit that helped break alternative rock into the mainstream with a potent fusion of punk 'n' funk in the '80s finds itself two decades on almost completely devoid of the former's energetic abandon, while the latter's effusive rhythms are considerably subdued over the course of this two-hour, 28-track collection. It's not so much that the Peppers have lost their muscular, often uber-macho edge as they have willfully tamed it in service of mature reinvention here. The mellower, often introspective, if no less potent pop ethos that characterized the crossover hit "Under the Bridge" blossoms fully here on tracks like disc one's "Snow," "Wet Sand," and the jazz-cool of "Hey."

The title track, "Desecration Smile," and "She Looks To Me" finds them venturing further into laid back pop ballad territory, while the tricky rhythms of "Dani California," "Charlie," and "So Much I" eventually kick into familiar top gear on the pop-savvy "Tell Me Baby" and hip-hop seasoned "Storm in a Teacup." It's not that there's a paucity of musical adventure here ("If" and "Animal Bar" finds them wafting into Floydish neo-psychedelia while "Make You Feel Better" seems to channel no less than Joe Jackson) but that it's delivered with a subtlety--and dare we say it?--tasteful musical restraint that's a stark contrast to the band's early, overly overt nature. There's perhaps too much mid-tempo simmering and reflection going on; like most double-albums it could be focused into a much more compelling single disc. But that seems largely beside the Peppers' hooks-over-histrionics point here: an unlikely record to kick back to, and one that both challenges assumptions and eases the band into middle age with an oft languorous, if undeniably savory groove.

This deluxe edition contains a 90-minute bonus DVD featuring Tony Kaye's video (and a half-hour "making of" featurette) for "Dani California," a kaleidoscopic romp through rock history that finds the appropriately costumed and bewigged Peppers conjuring everything from early Elvis and British Invasion to P-Funk, Glam Metal, and Grunge. All four band members also participate in a casual, track-by-track discussion of the album that runs nearly an hour. "i"--Jerry McCulley

Stadium Arcadium (W/Dvd) (Dig)

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